What we do

At DTS Netherlands we create value. We embrace challenge and the complexity of projects. Our strength lies in project assessment and design, delivering creative and innovative solutions for both government-owned and private sector projects. Whereas we cover various sectors, our focus is on infrastructure, energy (including renewable energy), oil & gas (upstream and downstream operations) and shipping & transport.

In a collaborative effort with long-standing strategic partners, representing a range of industry-specific specialisations, collectively DTS Netherlands offers advanced project assessment and design, state of the art technical and operational know-how, project management as well as project finance and investment expertise. Maintenance and protection & security of strategic industrial assets is part of the portfolio of capabilities.

As part of the final stages of project identification and design, we aim at presenting project proposals fit for financing. We create opportunities for investors and financiers.

On a regular basis, DTS Netherlands is offered special and often complex projects through its international network. Projects are also identified by our strategic partners. Our project take-on process is diligent and comprehensive. As part of the process we carry out technical inspections and audits as well as the economic feasibility analysis of a particular project. Consequently only a relatively small number of projects will be added to our portfolio. This ensures focus and ample attention, applying our expertise and resources effectively to create value for the stakeholders in a particular project or venture.

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